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Dont Know If Your Liver Is Working Properly?

One can run a urine test at home to know if Liver is working properly or not. This liver test detects abnormal levels of bilirubin and urobilinogen in urine, raised levels can indicate liver disease. It is recommended that you take this test if you are feeling generally unwell or are experiencing any of the following: * Nausea * Fatigue * Lack of appetite * Yellowing of the skin and eyes. This test is suitable for you to do at home and can indicate liver disease. This test is simple to use and takes only 60 seconds. You need to buy the kit to carry out this test. Buy Here if you are in UK and buy on Amazon if you are in USA .

Whats the solutions to make the liver work properly again? This medicine known as NOW LIVER DETOXIFIER & REGENERATOR has proven very effective according to people who bought this.

Symptoms of Liver Failure

Liver failure occurs when the body’s liver can no longer function properly. This is often preceded by liver disease, which can have numerous symptoms. Liver failure, however, is marked by several symptoms, which taken together with blood tests and other medical exams indicate the liver’s function is impaired to an extraordinary extent.

One marked symptom of liver failure is jaundice. Jaundice is easy to note physically since it discolors the skin to a yellow or orange tint. The whites of the eyes may also appear yellowish. Jaundice is a sign of the liver’s inability to successfully excrete bilirubin from the body. Although many babies suffer form jaundice after birth, this is not generally a symptom of liver failure. However, jaundice in adults is always cause for concern.

People with liver failure may also bleed easily or bruise excessively. Platelet count may be reduced in those with a failing liver, which “thins” the blood, making it harder for the blood to coagulate if a cut or a blunt injury occurs. Lower platelet counts are also symptomatic of numerous other illnesses.

Ascites, the accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the abdominal cavity, are quite frequently the result of liver failure. In fact, an abnormally protruding stomach is often a sign of severe liver failure. Ascites may also be caused by a failing heart or other conditions, which should be ruled out.

People with liver failure may also have a reduction in their ability to think and remember. Overall, their health may be poor and they may be more susceptible to common illnesses. Liver failure can also cause significant fatigue, a general feeling of weakness, and loss of appetite or nausea.

If liver failure is unarrested, symptoms progress resulting in possible seizures, disorientation, inability to speak, and impaired judgment. Failure of other major organs may occur since the body works cooperatively with each organ. Ultimately death will occur if medical intervention is either not feasible or is not sought. Many who have liver failure can partially arrest symptoms through treatment with medications. However, some with liver failure require a liver transplant in order to recover.

Some Comments

Comment > 1
I have been on the combo pack of pegintron and ribovirin since feb 4th 09 and in 2 weeks my viral load numbers went from 960,000 to 4,652,000 so I'm staying on it for 4 more weeks to see if it will help, but otherwise if it doesn't come down she said (doc) she'll monitor me closely. I have stage 4 cirrhosis so I'm scared. That's not the news you want to hear. Isn't there anything else I can try to get rid of this virus? Also, my geno type is 1a.

Comment > 2
I have the same genotype 1a, and did the interferon/ribivirin in 1997. Ten years later in 2007, my doctor had me do the pegulated interferon/ribivirin for 72 weeks instead of the normal 50 week regime. I ended the trial in December after 72 weeks and by March of the following year it was back, as the nurse told me "with a vengeance." There is a new experimental drug called vx 750 that I'm going to talk to the liver specialist about in August. The side effects are supposed to be nasty, but since I also am at stage 4 there doesn't seem to be a lot of choice. The best thing you can do is to live healthy, *stay away from alcohol*!!!! and whatever else is prescribed. Good Luck :)

Comment > 3
3I can relate to all of this. I too did the interferon/ribovirin for 50 weeks. After just two months my viral load was undetectable- great news or so I thought. Everything was good until I stopped the 50 week treatments, then just a few months later my viral load jumped to almost 9 million -- twice what it was prior to starting the treatments. I found a supplement by researching online that has worked amazing results for me. It's UltraThistle by Natural Wellness. I've tried other thistle products and none even slightly compared to this one. My viral load is way down, my stool is back to the normal color and believe it or not, no liver pain. I highly recommend this product. Good luck --Dian

Comment > 4
Around five months ago i took an overdose of tylenol. i was really really sick for a couple of days afterwards but i told my mum that it was just a stomach bug.
i haven't told anyone about it and now i think i might be experiencing some of the symptoms of liver failure. i get nauseous when i stand up and have been really achy. i also haven't had my period for a few months (not sure if this is a symptom).

I am worried because i never had any tests done and whenever i get sick that is the first thing i think of. can you please tell me what i can do?

Comment > 5
Two years ago I also took an overdose of tylenol. I took over a hundred pills and went to sleep. But god was looking after me and I woke up the next morning. I had thrown up in my sleep and was really out of it with a killer head ache. I went to the er because my head hurt so bad. I didn't tell them about the overdose because I was embarrassed.
but once again I had god looking over me and the doctor did blood work, which does not happen with headache patients. He admitted me and within the day I was put in ICU, the doctors told my family they could not reverse it and tried to get me a transplant. But because of the cause I did not qualify. They told my family to say their good byes and make arrangements.

They continued numerous meds and i had to get platelets and a central line. I don't remember much but seven days later the doctor walked in and my liver healed itself. They were dumbfounded and told me they had never seen such before.

I had taken tylenol pm every night for years before this happened, and that contributed to my liver failure. But it's been two years tylenol free, alcohol free! and I cannot give anyone credit for this but God! yes the doctors did a great job.

The funny thing is, I do remember saying the entire time that I was not sick i just had a headache. i threw up every few minutes but I really never felt as though I was dying. My family remembers more than I do and it breaks my heart I did that to them.

so please people read the label on tylenol and follow them; they are there for a reason. Tylenol abuse is serious. Not everyone will be as lucky as me, i promise. God bless you all.

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